Tax Research & Planning


Tax Treatments

Responsibilities as your accountant drive us to find new tax strategies that take advantage of not only the existing tax laws and regulations, but any new or pending tax laws and regulations.  Whether you are selling a home only used as a personal residence or a home used for both business and personal, we will research the most advantageous tax treatment available.  We can help you strategize when and what quantity of stock to sell or if an ISO needs to be exercised to take advantage of a long-term holding period for capital gains.

Determining Taxable Income or Deductible Expense

The tax laws that apply to both individuals and businesses are voluminous and confusing. Our task as your accountant is to navigate that bridge for you. An error in determining either a transaction of income or expense can be costly if challenged in a tax audit. We will conscientiously track your income and expenses for items that might put your tax return in jeopardy.

Tax Planning & Projection

We offer expertise in tax planning and tax projection to help minimize client tax burdens. Forecasting is needed to address the ever-changing tax laws and regulations. We are here to help clients achieve their long-term goals and to move forward to their financial futures.